Monday, March 9, 2015

Physicians Formula Super CC Instant Blurring Eye Cream

When I first spotted this product at CVS I was very intrigued. I am getting older and I am constantly looking for products that won't crease under my eyes and make me look older. I purchased it in the color light/medium. On the website it only shows the one shade. 

Instantly Blurs:
Fine Lines 
Dark Circles
Crow's feet
Crepey Lids
Uneven Texture 
Signs of Fatigue

Off Website:
The 1st ever multi-tasking makeup + skin care product to combine Color-Correction + Care Makeup in one simple step. Invisible micro color-correcting pigments and high-tech anti-aging actives deliver a flawless youthful-looking complexion without imperfections effortlessly.

  • Yellow corrects blue imperfections and warms skin tone.
  • Green tones down redness.
  • Pink brightens and illuminates.

  • This also works like an eye cream, primer, concealer and eyeshadow base.

    I love this packaging. I like that it comes in a little squeeze tube which is very convenient. It also has a stainless steel cooling tip that makes your undereye area feel renewed and refreshed.
    The first time I tried this I applied it just like you would a concealer. I  applied my foundation then I put some of this on using the tip then I blended out with my fingers. I then set and went about my day.
    I checked on it throughout the day and it just kept getting worse. It creased and caked up. It was bad. I wanted to toss it but I gave it another chance. I tried it again and put it on before my foundation. Oh my goodness it worked great. It lasted all day without a crease. This doesn't have full coverage but it does give you a really natural bright eyed even look.
    I did try it as a primer and it wasn't the best. It kind of creased and faded my shadows. So as an eyeshadow primer I think I will just stick to what I always use. But to give my under eye a natural looking brightness its great.  

    Have any of y'all tried this yet? If so let me know what you think.

    Thank you for reading and until next time!!


    1. I love the packaging also!! What mixed sounds as if the formula needs to be tweaked a little bit.

      Thanks for your honest thoughts Olivia!

      Keisha xo

      1. I know its weird but I am in love with this. It is my new go to product. I haven't used anything but this since I got this!!

    2. I have heard s many amazing stuff about this brand but unfortunately in Hong Kong it is unavailable.


    3. I really want to try this!


    4. I too had the same problem, so next time I will try the other way around too and see if it helps me as well. Also, I strongly agree it is not full coverage at all. I like the cooling tip also, just adds a little something extra and PF's packaging is always super cute and/or pretty. I am glad I was not the only one to feel this way about it. I will have to revisit this product again soon. Thanks for sharing :)

      1. I love to use it before concealer!! I tried it the other day on top of foundation just to see if it still creased and yes it was bad. So I will continue to use it under. Its great! Let me know if you try like that and what you think!! Thank you for reading!!

    5. It supossed to be used as a eyecream-primer with a touch of colour...i read the packaging and i would never use it after foundation. Why anyone do that? Do you put on first the foundation and then the moisturizer? No. Of course that is a mayor failure.
      I use my eyecream then the cc instant blurring around the eyes, that way it can be used as a eyeshadow primer also and it works perfectly. I Think i love this product. I use finally a touch of my concealer because this product don't claim to be a concealer per se,and the result last forever without a crease.

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