Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New NYC Lip Lacquer and Satin Matte Expert Last Lip Color

Hello Everyone!! I hope your day is going great! I know mine is.

I love going into the store and discovering a new display of makeup goodies. I think the people at my local Walgreens and CVS think I am up to no good because I walk in look at the displays and if nothing is new I just walk out. They kind of just look at me like what on earth are you doing. One day I saw this NYC lip product display and I was like YESSS!!

I found this at CVS a few weeks ago.

I picked up 2 New Satin Matte Expert Last Lip Color $1.87 each
 and 1 New Expert Last Lip Lacquer $3.99  

Expert Last Lip Color 

Top Creamy Mauve
Bottom Red Suede

Creamy Mauve

Red Suede

The original Expert Last Lip Colors are one of my all time favorite lip product ever. (Read review here.) Since they came out with a new "Satin-Matte" finish of course I had to try it out. 

The packaging is made out of plastic and the lipstick itself does not roll all the way down. Also no where on the tube does it say it has a satin matte finish. Its only on the plastic wrapper. The finish says its a satin-matte finish but to me its way to creamy to be matte. Oh yeah it also smells weird. Kind of like play makeup.
Other than that I love these. They are creamy, dreamy smooth. They glide on with little effort. The Creamy Mauve one is kind of not my favorite color but the Red Suede is GORGEOUS!! The lasting power is decent. I got a few hours of wear nothing really long. The red one does stain a little bit but you can remove it with a wipe.

Expert Last Lip Lacquer $3.87

Color in Big City Berry

I didn't have really high hopes for this. I thought it was going to be some cheap lip gloss type product that was going to be awful. Boy was I wrong. You instantly know that this is special. It applies buttery soft and smooth. The crazy thing is it is so lightweight. You can talk and do whatever and it doesn't feel sticky or thick. You know sometimes you wear a lip product and you can't even talk without it being uncomfortable. Well not with this. This color is also intense. You only need one swipe to give you full on color. I'm telling you this feels like a very expensive product. I absolutely love how it feels on my lips. I get a few hours of wear with eating and drinking. When it does wear off it doesn't leave my lips dry at all. Which I love because my lips are already dry I don't need something to dry them out worse. 

Over all I'm really impressed with these new products. They are inexpensive and they come in lots of different colors.

Have any of you tried these out yet? Let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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  1. that lipstain looks killer on you doll! love it!

    1. Thank you!!! I am soo in love with it. It feels really nice on the lips!!

  2. What beautiful shades! The barbie doll pink looks so pretty on you.

    Keisha xo

    1. I need to buy some more of these!! They are amazing!!!

  3. I like the "Red Suede" lipstick a lot! It is gorgeous on you. :o)

    1. This has got to be my new favorite red lipstick!!! It goes on easy and lasts. Its amazing!!