Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick

Hello My Sweet Peas!!

I am a huge fan of the original Milani Color Statement Lipsticks. Like I love them!! So when I found out they came out with a  matte version I was extremely excited. As I said before a lot of the makeup companies are coming out with a matte type lipstick. I love matte lips so I am happy about all the new matte lipsticks. 

8 shades and I only picked one.

Beautiful gold packaging.

Matte Naked 

Light nude brown color perfect for everyday.

One of the things I love about Milani lipsticks is the smell. I don't know why but I love the smell. Its kind of a sweet smell. I know I'm weird!!
Anyway when I first put this on I was like WOW! It just glided on to my lips ever so smoothly like butta!! This claims to be smudge proof and long wearing but I got average wear out of this nothing really long wearing. It came off with regular eating and drinking. 
The only thing I didn't like about this lipstick is after it wore off it left my lips pretty dry. I can just pop on some lip balm but that kind of sucks because this is supposed to be "Moisture Lipstick!!!!" Ugh other than that I like it!!

Have y'all tried any of these yet? Let me know what your favorite colors are!!

Thank you for reading and until next!!

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  1. They sound amazing I really like that colour on you too. xox