Wednesday, January 7, 2015

L.A. Colors Gel Extreme Shine Polish

Hi Sweet Peas!! I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy!! I sure am with the help of my kitties!!

Ok so the other day I was on Instagram (like always) and I saw a pic of these new L.A. Colors Gel Polishes and had a heart attack. They looked soo beautiful. The pic said they will be at Family Dollar and I have one next to my house so you all know I got my butt up to see if they had them. 
When I got there they had the display but they only had a few. I picked this one.

Color is Knockout

Um Hello look at that shine!!

This polish applied like a dream. The brush is nice and large and helps the polish glide on. No skipping or streaking. Nothing sucks more than streaky nails!! The color payoff if amazing after one coat but I did two just because. It dried really quick and it looks so shiny. I am so loving this polish. I am going to find more!!!   

Thanks for reading and until next time!!!

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  1. That polish is stunning! The colour is so cute and so pigmented! Also, the gel effect is incredible.

    Great post!!
    Charlotte xx

    1. Thank you for reading!! The shine on this polish is amazing!! I need more!!