Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monthly Favorites: August 2014

Hello all! 
I hope everything is going good. So yes I know I have been MIA yet again. I promise though with good reason. First off I went camping in Santa Fe and had no service. We had to drive into town just to get phone service.

Here are some pics of my trip.
Beautiful trees around us.

I have no idea what my husband was doing. I think he was playing with the fire.

A small creek near our campsite. 

Cute flower.

We had a great time. Its nice to get away from all the crazy stuff and just be in nature. I didn't know I loved the outdoors so much.
Right now I am back home with my parents. My mom is ill so I come and help out when I can. 

Any who today I have my favorites for the month of August. I can't believe that its already September. This year is flying by. I've had good things happen and also some pretty bad things happen. But what can we do? That's life.  

Monthly Favorites: August 2014

1. Garnier- 5 Sec Blur 
2. Maybelline- Dream Pure BB Cream in Medium\Deep
3. Elf- Personal Blend Foundation in Medium 
4. Too Faced- Country Palette 
5. NYX- Lipliner in Mauve 
6. NYC- Quick Dry Polish in Grand Central Station


Let me know what you all have been loving this last month!!

Thank you for reading and until next time!!


  1. Looks like a and relaxing vacation spot. I'm not much of a camper lol but it looks like you had a fab time.

    Keisha xo

    1. I am starting to love nature more and more. The only thing that was kind of blah was that I wore no makeup what so ever the whole time. It was fun but I missed my makeup. lol

  2. Wow, sounds fun! I haven't visited Santa Fe yet, and I hope to some time! I've tried the Garnier 5 sec blue and I didn't like it. I really want to try the elf foundation, it looks awesome!

    May from La Vie en May

    1. I live in Albuquerque and Santa Fe is about an hour a way so I like to visit when I have time. The elf foundation is great. I really recommend it. Sorry that the Garnier did not work for you. I didn't think it was going to work for me.