Sunday, September 28, 2014

Milani Limited Edition Bedazzled Eyeliner and Lipstick

Hi lovely readers! I hope everyone is doing good!!

Sometimes its really hard not to buy new makeup. You tell yourself no you have to much makeup and then you don't listen to your self and buy it anyways. I told my self you don't need anything from the new Milani collection and did I listen No.

I mean really how could I say no.

Constellation Gel Eye Liner 

Enchanted Lapis

I was really apprehensive to try this out. Not only because it has chunks of glitter on top but because every Milani eyeliner I have tried has always made my eyes burn. So I went ahead and got under the glitter over spray and into the eyeliner. To my surprise its super creamy. I then applied it and I was not happy. When you apply it and then go over the part that you first applied it just kind of rubs off the dry part. You have to kind of dot it on and not go over it. I was like what the heck then I saw that when I open my eyes it gets all over the top of my eyelid ugh. I finally got it to look ok and then yup you guessed it, it makes my eyes burn and water. I wanted this to work so bad I mean just look at it its beautiful. The packaging says you can use it for a cat eye or smudged for a smoldering look. I don't think I'm going to try the smoldering look since it irritates my eyes.

One of the lipsticks from the collection.

Enchanted Topaz

I love the Milani Color Statement Lipsticks sooo much. They are one of the best lipsticks out there. I thought this would kind of be like those lipsticks but oh was I wrong. First off this lipstick kind of tugs your lips when you apply it. Another bad thing is the texture. It feels so dry. The wear is a few hours and when it does wear off it makes my lips feel super dry. I do love the color though. 

All in all I was a bit disappointed with these. I knew I should not have gotten the eyeliner because of my experience with their eyeliners but the lipstick ugh why.  

So have y'all tried these out yet? Let me know how you liked them.

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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  1. What a shame that the eyeliner didn't perform's such a beautiful shade.

    Keisha xo

  2. Sooo I know you say its bad buttt since it looks AMAZING and I would like to see for myself bc u never kno right? Every product works differently for everyone...where did you get that eyeliner???

    1. Everyone is different so yes I recommend it!! I found it a Walgreens!!