Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Huge Elf Haul!!


Hello lovely readers!! 
Today I have a huge Elf haul for you guy's. I made an order a few weeks ago and thought y'all might like to see what I got!! 

WARNING!! Picture heavy!!

The products I bought!!

Cover Everything Concealer

In the color Medium

Ok so I was like I guess I will try this why not. I put this sucker on and it covered my under eye circles beautifully. It does not crease and you only need to use a tiny amount so this will last me forever. It is a little thick and you need to warm up the product a bit with your finger to be able to blend it but other than that its a 10.

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20

Squeeze tube 

I got it in the color Beige

I was so excited to try this product. Its summer and I don't like to wear heavy foundation so I thought this would be perfect since it does have SPF 20. First off the color match was pretty good for my face. Another nice thing about this is it blends super easy. But the best thing is it makes my face look amazing. I got so many compliments about may face when I wore this. It also lasts well through out the day and keeps my shine under control. However and a big HOWEVER it made my face break out soooooo bad I don't mean just a few spots here and there I mean full blown pimples everywhere. I was so upset I looked like I was 15 again. Ugh why I loved everything about this then it breaks me out. Sorry tinted moisturizer but I wont be using you again. I don't know if I want to give this to anyone to try since I broke out so bad. 

Personal Blend Foundation with SPF 15

I bought it in the color Medium

I've been wanting to try a mineral foundation and didn't want to spend tons of money so I thought I would try this out. What really drew me to this is the fact that you get 4 colors to customize your exact shade through out the year. I put a little of each shade in the lid and swirled it together with a brush and applied it over a well moisturizer face. Let me tell you OMG my face looked pretty dang good. This stuff covered everything. I even used a small brush and used it as concealer under my eyes and it did a great job of covering up my circles without creasing through out the day. I haven't had any trouble with this. It lasts all day and keeps me shine free and it doesn't feel like I have on tons of makeup. So happy with this best part it has SPF.

Baked Eyeshadow

In the color Enchanted

This eyeshadow is superb for the price. It has great pigmentation and great staying power. I really like that you can use it wet or dry to get different looks. I had this on one day and my husband said to me " wow I like your eyeshadow" When your husband notices that's always a good thing.

Mascara Primer

In the color transparent

This product is the one I wanted to try the most. Its the reason I even made this order. It goes on super easy and does what it says, gives you some volume and length. It gives your lashes and your mascara that little extra something. I was expecting something life changing but its just ok. After I am done with this tube I don't see my self buying another one.

3-in-1 Mascara 

I got it in the color Very Black

This mascara says that it lengthens, defines, and volumizes. That's a lot for a 3 dollar mascara with a cool looking brush. I was excited to try this because the website had such great reviews. But no it sucked. The brush kind of makes it hard to get to every lash. I felt like it would miss some lashes. As for the formula this stuff made my lashes look very weird. I curled them before I applied and as soon as I put it on it made them kind of sick straight out. It did give me some length but for definition and volume it was a no go. I kind of hate this mascara and its crazy wand.

Eyeshadow "C" Brush and Small Tapered Brush 
Each were $3.00

I love, love, love Elf brushes. I didn't have these in my collection yet so I had to have them. I have to say that I adore these brushes. The "C" brush is great for packing on the eyeshadow. Its not to big or not to small but the perfect size. As for the small tapered brush I don't know how I ever lived without this. I love to contour my face and this makes it so easy. It fits perfect in the hallows of my checks. Both of these brushes are super soft and have not shed a hair.

Matte Lip Color 

I bought the color in Tea Rose

I already own a few of these and thought I would get this color. I absolutely love the Matte Lip Colors they are one of my favorite lip products ever. They are super pigmented and stay on all day long. But the greatest part they don't dry out my lips or make them chapped. I am happy to add this one to the collection.

Moisturizing Lipstick

Color Ravishing Rose

I have heard such good things about these lipsticks and I just had to try one. Now that I have I want more. This lipstick glides on like butta. So soft and creamy. Since they are moisturizing I have no problems with this drying out my lips. As you can see by the swatch this has excellent pigmentation. The staying power is kind of so so but I don't care because it feels so good putting it on!

Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream

Color in St. Lucia

I have a really oily face and I don't tend to use a lot of cream products. I really didn't have high hopes for this little duo but I have to say boy was I wrong. First off both of the colors are highly pigmented and you only need a tiny bit. Another good thing is these both blend like a dream on to your skin. They don't look crazy but soft and natural. I put a little translucent powder and it lasted all day without looking greasy or oily. I am so in love with this.





I love blush and I think you can never have enough. I purchased these because they looked very pretty on the website. Well I think this are just ok nothing amazing or anything. They glide on easy and blend really nice. They give you a delightful glow but for someone like me that is very oily it doesn't look good. I don't like the glowy look. But I do like them as eyeshadows.


I bought it in the color Fuchsia Fusion

I have a few of the studio blushes and I like them. They have great color payoff and they are silky smooth. This one does have chunks of glitter which I'm not to crazy about. One thing I don't like about these blushes is they tend to fade through out the day which kind of makes me mad. But oh well they are only 3 bucks. 

Pressed Mineral Blush

Color in Cabo Cabana 

I am so in love with this blush for summer its the perfect color. It gives you the most beautiful natural flush. It also blends nicely and has great pigmentation. I really like that these mineral blushes are free of parabens, preservatives, and chemical dyes. Its a good thing!!

Blush Palette 

Palette in Dark

Really just look at those swatches. Ugh I love it. These blushes have so much pigmentation its crazy. You only need a tiny bit to get a nice flush but if you go over board you will look like a clown. These are not like any Elf blush I have ever used. These are better. I love Elf blushes but they tend to kind of fade through out the day. Oh not these they last all day with no fading. The texture is even nice. They are soft and creamy. I think I may have to get the other one!!!

Let me know what some of your favorite Elf products are!!

One Brand Tutorial: Elf

Thank you for reading and until next time!!


  1. What a fab haul Olivia! I love the look of the eyeshadow...I so enjoy wearing golds during the summer. I also love the look of the cream blush! I tend to wear cream blushes more in the winter as it is way too hot and humid here in the summer, but I will try your tip of adding a little translucent powder over the top :)

    Keisha xo

    1. I love to wear gold in the summer as well!! There is nothing better than a gold shimmer look for summer!! Yes the translucent powder doesn't change the color much it just kind of takes a bit of the shine away. I feel cream makes me look oily with the powder it kind of takes that away.