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Urban Decay Naked 3 Review

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When I first saw that Urban Decay was coming out with a Naked 3 I about fainted. I love 1 and 2 so was very excited. Urban Decay released it on November 21 so of course I asked my husband if I could grab it and of course he said yes. 

I know that everyone and their grandmother is going to have a review but its ok because everyone's opinion is different.

Look at the rose gold case.

12 New Never Before Seen Shadows
The other 2 palettes also come with a brush but I don't care for them. This one on the other hand is amazingly soft. I like it a lot.
The palette also has a large mirror which I love.
If that wasn't enough it comes with 4 primer potion samples.

  • Strange- Very light pale pink (Matte-Satin Finish)
  • Dust- Light pink with huge chunks of glitter (Metallic Finish)
  • Burnout- Pinky Peach (Satin Finish)
  • Limit- Dusty rose (Matte Finish)

  • Buzz- Rose shimmer (Metallic Finish)
  • Trick- Pinky copper (Shimmer Finish)
  • Nooner- Pinky brown (Matte Finish)
  • Liar- Mauve Shimmer ( Metallic Finish)

  • Factory- Brown with pink shimmer (Satin Finish)
  • Mugshot- Metallic taupe with pink shimmer (Metallic Finish)
  • Darkside- Dark Taupe mauve (Satin Finish) 
  • Blackheart- Black with red mirco glitter (Matte)

I am infatuated with these new rose hued neutral shadows. Each one is nicely pigmented and has a dynamic saturation of color. I like that they give you a vast selection of finishes and not just shimmer. Best part is they have a smooth and soft texture. I can't help but love every single shadow. Urban Decay did it again. This is exactly what you would expect from Urban Decay nothing but an unbelievable product. So glad I picked it up and I'm happy to add it to my Naked Palette family!

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