Saturday, December 7, 2013

IONI Cosmetics Lipgloss

Howdy Peeps!!

For Thanksgiving I went to see my family in Texas and had to stop at my favorite store. HEB was my go to store to shop for makeup. Where I live now there are no HEB's and it makes really sad. Anyway when I was there I bought some IONI lipglosses for a $1.49 each. I was so elated because I have seen great reviews on them. I have tried some other IONI products and really like them so I was not going to pass these up. 


This is a gorgeous nude shade with no.


This shade is a sheer light pink with some shimmer.


Holy Cow this gloss is phenomenal. Beautiful deep berry with no shimmer. When it wears of it leaves a nice stain to the lips. 

I have to say that these glosses do not feel like they where just $1.49 each. 
The packaging is nice and simple. Which I like a lot. 
They feel amazing on the lips. Not at all sticky but creamy and soft. 
Best of all no cheap smell which is a plus with me. I hate stinky stuff. 
So happy I got them. Will sure use them a lot over lipstick or just by themselves.

Thank you for reading and until next time.

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