Thursday, December 5, 2013

Blistex Five Star Lip Protection

Hi wonderful blog readers!!

Now that winter is here my lips are always chapped and I hate it. I have tried countless lip products and nothing has ever helped. Its like the more I use the dryer my lips feel. I bought this lip balm a few weeks ago and I have been testing it out.

I bought this because its supposed to protect your lips from 5 of natures harshest conditions:
  • Holds in moisture in Dry air.
  • Soothes Cold-chapped lips.
  • Forms a Wind-resistant moisture shield.
  • Rehydrates Heat-stressed lips.
  • Protects from the Sun.
 Its also water resistant for 80 minutes and has an SPF of 30.
That's a long list of things that this protects your lips from so I had high hopes for it. Its nice and thick and goes on well but of course like every lip balm I use. It keeps my lips moist for a while so I apply more and then my lips feel dryer and more chapped then when I started. I guess I have to keep searching for that perfect lip balm.

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