Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LORAC Solid Gold and Platinum Status Palettes

Hello wonderful readers !!

I was on Ulta's website a few weeks ago and kind of stumbled upon these palettes. I fell in love with the colors but I have to admitted the price also had a lot to do with me buying them.

Each palette was $12.00 yes that's right 12 bucks each.

From the Ulta website: 
ULTA Exclusive! Get chart-topping eyes with LORAC's Solid Gold Eye Shadow Palette. Enclosed in a gorgeous, gold exterior, these 5 glamorous, warm eye shadow shades will get you ready for a sold-out show. Bring this perfectly-sized palette with you on the road and you'll be a crowd-pleaser wherever you go! A $110 Value!

Nice sturdy packaging with a mirror. 

Just look at these colors they are beautiful. I love the warm shimmery tones. 
The lighter shades and the gold feel buttery smooth, almost creamy.
The dark chocolate brown feels kind of hard and the darkest color feels a bit softer but not like the lighter shades. 

From the Ulta Website:
ULTA Exclusive! Take your eyes to the next level with LORAC's Platinum Status Eye Shadow Palette. With 5 cool, captivating eye shadow shades enclosed in a white-hot exterior, you'll be the subject of many songs. Make 'em sing their hearts out wherever you go - just keep this perfectly-sized palette in your purse!

Has a mirror and great packaging.

I mean come on these cool tone colors are gorgeous. Every color has a wonderful smooth texture and a shimmer finish. I have to say this one is my favorite of the two.

All shadows have unbelievable pigmentation! 
I did not use any primer to swatches these shadows. 
They look and feel worth way more then 12 bucks. These would be perfect for stocking stuffers this Christmas!!

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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