Friday, November 15, 2013

Julie G Silver Bells Nail Polish

Hello and Good Day!!

I have been wanting to try Julie G's nail polishes by Jesse's Girl for a long time!!!! I don't live by a Rite Aid so I haven't had the chance. Last week I was in Colorado and had the chance to stop in a Rite Aid. 

I saw the display for the Frosted Gum Drops Holiday Collection and picked one up. 

I wear mainly silver jewelry so I thought Silver Bells would be perfect. It says on the bottle to not use a top coat but I don't like the look of nail polish without a top coat so I put one on. This is a textured polish so you can still feel some of the texture through the top coat. 

This is dazzling!! It sparkles so beautifully in the sun shine. This isn't to chunky and obnoxious but a fine silver glitter. I am just gaga over it!! I am truly over the moon that I finely got to try out one of Julie G's nail polishes!! I am defiantly going to order more on line.

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