Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jordana Brow Powder Duo Review

Howdy Guys and Good Morning!!

So I have been MIA once again. Sorry all I have been out of town on adventures with my husband.

Taos NM 
I love the snow!!

Estes Park CO and Rocky Mountain National Park 
My husband is a big Stephen King fan so we went to the Stanley Hotel!!
I love the mountains!!

Today I have a review on Jordana's Brow Powder Duo.

I was at Kmart and saw it and thought hey I will try it out. I don't like to try out eyebrow products because I love the ELF Eyebrow Kit. It is my "Holy Grail" product. 

 03 Dark
Comes in 4 different colors
I like the packaging its nice and small and very sturdy feeling. It comes with a small angled brush and a sponge tip dual applicator. 

I have to say I was not expecting much from this. You get two powders. One dark brown and one just a tiny bit lighter. I didn't know what to think about just using powder. The ELF one has a brown wax and a powder. I have very spares brows and I use the wax to give me an outline and then I fill it in with the powder. The only thing is after a while my brows look really shiny and cakey. I hate it.
After doing some research on the Jordana Brow Powder Duo I was very intrigued.
It claims it has:
Intense Pigment
Matte Finish 

When I applied it it went on with the greatest of ease and with amazing pigmentation. This went on smoother then my beloved ELF Eyebrow Kit and with better color. My brows looked unbelievable!! They always look kind of fake and overdone. This makes them look more natural and not so harsh. Since I was using a wax it made them look shiny and oily but now I'm just using this powder they look matte all day long. This stuff is awesome. I never thought I would find something better then my ELF Eyebrow Kit but I did and for $2.99. 

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