Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Star Glue Eyelash Adhesive Dark Review

Hi gals and guys!!

Sorry for the lack of posting over the last week or so. I am about to undertake a huge move. We live in the western part of Texas and we are moving to Albuquerque NM this coming Thursday. I have been really busy with all the packing and stuff so I have not been posting. I can't wait till I'm moved in and unpacked so I can get on a schedule for blogging and uploading YouTube videos.
So today I have a short little review on a eyelash glue I have recently tried.

I have been wanting to try Star Glue so I ordered the dark and the clear. I have never tried a dark eyelash adhesive so I tried this one first. The clear adhesive review will be up once I get a chance to really try it out. Anyhow I ordered them off of eBay and they where around 4.99 each. I like that the glue is waterproof since I do have sensitive eyes and never know how something is going to effective them. At least I know they wont come off with watery eyes.
So I tried it and I have to say this stuff holds like nothing I have ever used before. It was a little hard to take off the lashes and then it was hard to get the glue off the lashes. Its good that it stays on but I tore a pair of lashes trying to remove glue. That I can live with but the main thing I didn't like is that it is very watery and gets everywhere. I had dark glue all over my hands and bathroom vanity. It was bad but at least it didn't make my eyes water which is good for me. I love that it is dark and you cant really see it while its drying like clear glue. 

It has its good things and it has its bad things but I do think I will use this stuff again. Maybe next time I will use a lash glue remover to get it off. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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