Thursday, October 31, 2013

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm & Lacquer Balm Review

Howdy goblins and ghouls!! Happy Halloween!!

Yes there is yet another jumbo lip product. Everyone and their grandma has a version. Who I think really started and set the bar high for these chunky lip pencils is Revlon. The balm stains had everyone in a frenzy. I absolutely love them and still use them very much. So Revlon has come out with two new versions.

They have a Lacquer Balm and a Matte Balm. 

L'oreal recently came out with the same concept of matte and lacquer lip pencil. The L'oreal ones are amazing. They have great pigmentation and staying power. 

I found this display at Ulta. Come to think about it I have been finding a lot of good things at Ulta lately. Anyway the matte shades where limited but there was quit a few of the lacquer shades. I picked one of each.     

First off the packaging is dazzling!! I love the reflective and shiny tube its so pretty! The color I picked in the Lacquer Balm is Demure. This color is a charming soft pink and quite demure ha ha. The finish isn't really shiny its more glittery. Which is ok with me I like it. Its a little on the sheer side so you have to put on a couple of swipes to get a good color payoff. Its a good thing it doesn't feel sticky or thick on the lips after you put on a few coats. The staying power is ok but not the best. 

I love this plain matte packaging. Its really simple and clean. The color I selected is Complex. I have to say this is the perfect nude. Its very matte but not a bad matte where it dries out your lips and feels bad on. But a good matte that feels kind of smooth and buttery. I am really impressed with this. The color is perfect and the texture is great. The only thing is it doesn't last long but that's ok I can just reapply. 

I also like that they both have a wonderful smell and that they both twist up which means you don't need to sharpen them. 

I really like both of them and will be definitely purchasing more!!

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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