Thursday, October 31, 2013

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm & Lacquer Balm Review

Howdy goblins and ghouls!! Happy Halloween!!

Yes there is yet another jumbo lip product. Everyone and their grandma has a version. Who I think really started and set the bar high for these chunky lip pencils is Revlon. The balm stains had everyone in a frenzy. I absolutely love them and still use them very much. So Revlon has come out with two new versions.

They have a Lacquer Balm and a Matte Balm. 

L'oreal recently came out with the same concept of matte and lacquer lip pencil. The L'oreal ones are amazing. They have great pigmentation and staying power. 

I found this display at Ulta. Come to think about it I have been finding a lot of good things at Ulta lately. Anyway the matte shades where limited but there was quit a few of the lacquer shades. I picked one of each.     

First off the packaging is dazzling!! I love the reflective and shiny tube its so pretty! The color I picked in the Lacquer Balm is Demure. This color is a charming soft pink and quite demure ha ha. The finish isn't really shiny its more glittery. Which is ok with me I like it. Its a little on the sheer side so you have to put on a couple of swipes to get a good color payoff. Its a good thing it doesn't feel sticky or thick on the lips after you put on a few coats. The staying power is ok but not the best. 

I love this plain matte packaging. Its really simple and clean. The color I selected is Complex. I have to say this is the perfect nude. Its very matte but not a bad matte where it dries out your lips and feels bad on. But a good matte that feels kind of smooth and buttery. I am really impressed with this. The color is perfect and the texture is great. The only thing is it doesn't last long but that's ok I can just reapply. 

I also like that they both have a wonderful smell and that they both twist up which means you don't need to sharpen them. 

I really like both of them and will be definitely purchasing more!!

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Color Review

Hi everyone and Happy Halloween!

Today I bring you the newest lip product by Maybelline.

I found this display at my local Ulta and not one was gone. All the colors are beautiful but only came out with one. 

Maybeline claims this stuff gives you the color of a lipstick, hence that's why the packaging looks like a lipstick, and also gives your lips the care of a lip balm all while giving you high shine of a lip gloss. The brush is also very interesting. It was designed to give you even application and a smoothing sensation. 

I chose mine in Nude Illusion. I have tons of bright glosses and I thought a nude would be something different. The packaging is nice and simple. I like that it is a small gloss and easy to throw in a purse when your on the go. If you turn it upside down it looks like a lipstick.

Almay came out with something kind of the same and I love it so much. It makes my lips feel so nice and hydrated. So I was interested how this would compare. 

The first thing I noticed was the smell. It smells like a very cheap perfume and I dislike it very much. I didn't want to try it because the smell is so strong but I went ahead and tried it. The brush does give a very smooth application and it feels comfortable on the lips. What I do like about it is that its a little thick but not in a bad way but not in a sticky way but in a creamy way. As for feeling like a balm it does feel very moisturizing on the lips. This nude gloss is a perfect shade gloss and would look great on top of a nude lipstick. The thing about this I don't think I will use it because of the smell. 

I give this a 2 out of 5 because the smell is so strong. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks

Howdy y'all!!

I saw these new Revlon eyeshadows on a blog somewhere and knew I had to get my hands on them. So I started my hunt with no luck. I walked into Ulta one day just to look around and didn't even think they would be there and can you believe it they had them.

$2.99 each.

The thing that I liked was how they click together to get your own personalized little palette. The system it self is not new. Sally Beauty Supply have a version and I love those shadows. They had really nice colors but I only chose three.

All shadows where swatched over Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer. 

The lightest color is Blush and it is matte. This is very matte and very light but nice to highlight under your brow bone. The brown is Cocoa and its a Satin finish. This is a lovely dark chocolate brown with tiny gold shimmer that would go great in the crease or outer corner. And the green is Khaki and its a Pearl finish. This is a beautiful dark green with gold flicks and perfect for fall. I really like these. I have read a lot of negative reviews on the pigmentation but they are quite nice. They do however feel hard when you try and swatch them but you just rub a little harder.    

I just love the portability of these and know I will be travel with them during my holiday season.

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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Sephora Baked MicroSmooth Luminizer in Star Dust

Hi beautiful readers!!

I am not a big fan of highlighting my face with shimmery products. I'm oily and have HUGE pores and I don't like to draw attention to those things. One day I was at Sephora and I gave this a swatch and fell in love. I didn't get it but all night all I could do was think about that luminizer. So I got up the next day and rushed to go get it.  

I got this for around 14 bucks. I just love this!! The texture is so smooth and it kind of melts on the skin and looks almost liquid like. It is so exquisite and delicate looking. But the best part is it does not have huge chunks of glitter that emphasizes all the pores and wrinkles. I have to say this is by far the best highlighter I have in my collection.

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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Last Minute Halloween Look

Hello and good afternoon!!

If your anything like me you always leave everything for the last minute. This year I had no clue what I wanted to be for Halloween. I have had this stuff in my review pile for a while and thought I would try it out and see what I come up with.

These are the display I got them from but not sure when I got them. I know it was a few months ago.

I have never used any of the NYC palettes and this caught my eye. Its called Super Chica. I'm not totally in love with it but is ok. The shadows are't super pigmented but you can make them work. The dual pencil is in Superpower and it says its an eyeliner pencil but I may use it for lips and other stuff. They do have a nice color payoff but its not the best quality. The blush has to be my favorite product and it is in Psychedelic Trio. It was three different colors and they all have a beautiful shimmer. I like because it gives you a gorgeous flush to the cheeks. 

So I'm very happy I got this stuff its pretty good for the price. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Sinful Colors Nail Polish: Black Magic

Hello Girls and Ghouls!!

Halloween is fast approaching and I always love to see all the different products that come out that are themed for the candy filled holiday.
This year Sinful Colors caught my eye with their display and fun colors.

I found this at Walgreen's and looked through all the colors and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw their "Black Magic" Oh My goodness it is so amazing. I am a major lover of glitter so I had to pick it up. 

Doesn't this just scream Halloween!!

It has a small gun metal grey fine glitter and a chunky orange hex shaped glitter. I don't know what it is about this polish but I love it. Its kind of mesmerizing. It is a bit sheer so you have to put several coats or put on a dark base to get it opaque. I put on three thick coats to get the swatch. I think this polish will be perfect for this fall season and not just Halloween. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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Ipsy Bag: October 2013

Hi everyone!!

Its great to be back in the saddle once again. So I'm moved in and settled and very happy that everything went smoothly. I am loving my new place but most of all I am happy to be back at it.

Anyway I got my Ipsy bag before I moved and I didn't have time to post it right when I got it but its better late than never right? 
The theme for this month is "The Art Of Beauty "
I really like what the bag says but its WHITE!! They did a white bag much like this one a few months ago.

I received 5 products

What's in the bag:
  • Zoya Nail Polish- I was not happy to see another polish in my bag. I was pretty pissed off. I was thinking about canceling my subscription. The color I got is Giovanna which is a metallic dark green. First thing I thought was this color would be better suited for someone much younger. So I finally said what the heck I will try it. The color makes me look like I'm 13 but this stuff has been on my nails for over a week with no chipping. What The Heck!! The color is blah but the staying power is amazing. 
  • Sexy Hair Spray Clay- I was like what in the world is "Spray Clay"? I used it and this stuff sprays out like crazy. Its not a fine mist its like your blasting your hair with a thick spray. Not only does it spray out weird but the smell is strong. I do however like how it holds. Its not sticky or stiff. So that's a plus.
  • Coastal Scents Medium Shadow Brush- I am a big, big, big fan of Coastal Scents brushes and when I saw this I was very excited because I didn't already have it and you can never have to many brushes in my opinion. This is a great brush. It packs on shadow nicely with minimal fallout. I give this 5 out of 5!!
  • Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Mineral Shimmer- I received the color in Navy. Again I have quite a few loose pigments from Ipsy and was not happy to get this. Then I tried it. It goes on easily and has incredible pigmentation. 
  • Starlooks Lip Pencil-  Color in Tickle me pink. I kind of really like this! Its really soft and glides on the lips super easy. Its even pretty long lasting. This color is a very nice versatile color that goes with a lot of different lip products.   
I really need to stop judging a book by its cover. When I first opened this bag I was not happy until I tried everything. So I have to say that it was a good bag and I loved it!!

Thank you for reading!
Please leave any and all comments and until next time!!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Star Glue Eyelash Adhesive Dark Review

Hi gals and guys!!

Sorry for the lack of posting over the last week or so. I am about to undertake a huge move. We live in the western part of Texas and we are moving to Albuquerque NM this coming Thursday. I have been really busy with all the packing and stuff so I have not been posting. I can't wait till I'm moved in and unpacked so I can get on a schedule for blogging and uploading YouTube videos.
So today I have a short little review on a eyelash glue I have recently tried.

I have been wanting to try Star Glue so I ordered the dark and the clear. I have never tried a dark eyelash adhesive so I tried this one first. The clear adhesive review will be up once I get a chance to really try it out. Anyhow I ordered them off of eBay and they where around 4.99 each. I like that the glue is waterproof since I do have sensitive eyes and never know how something is going to effective them. At least I know they wont come off with watery eyes.
So I tried it and I have to say this stuff holds like nothing I have ever used before. It was a little hard to take off the lashes and then it was hard to get the glue off the lashes. Its good that it stays on but I tore a pair of lashes trying to remove glue. That I can live with but the main thing I didn't like is that it is very watery and gets everywhere. I had dark glue all over my hands and bathroom vanity. It was bad but at least it didn't make my eyes water which is good for me. I love that it is dark and you cant really see it while its drying like clear glue. 

It has its good things and it has its bad things but I do think I will use this stuff again. Maybe next time I will use a lash glue remover to get it off. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Disney's Villains Ursula Look Book and Ardell Lashes Review

Hi Everyone and Happy Monday!!

Today I have the ELF cosmetics Ursula Look Book and The Ursula Ardell lashes. The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie ever. So of course I had to pick the Ursula palette and lashes.

This packaging is soooo cute!! 

I am in love with this Look Book. It has everything and I mean everything. First off I am a big fan of ELF's primer. It has never let me down so I was very happy to see it in this set. The six eyeshadows are all beautifully pigmented and vivid. They also coordinate very well together. Next is a makeup brush that is as good as any high-end brush. It packs on the color very nicely. Then you get 2 eyeliners!! One pencil and one liquid. The pencil is an intense black and glides on super smooth. Then you get a liquid eyeliner. Oh my goodness its is amazing!! The color is called Midnight and is the color of blue ink. I have never seen a color like this. Love It!! You also get a black mascara. The brush is kind of small and its just an ok formula. Last but not least you get a lip color. The color is called Ursula. Its a beautiful creamy pink and feels nice on the lips.

This packaging is so delightful. 

I don't know about anyone else but false lashes are my one weakness. I saw these and about fainted. They are gorgeous. First off you don't get just one set you get three which is awesome. The top pair are doubled up so that makes them very full and thick. They have to be my favorite. Then the middle are a little more on the natural side which is good for more of a daytime look. The bottom lashes are really spiky looking and they look very intense on. I love Ardell lashes they are excellent quality and very comfortable on. 

I used the Look Book and the #134 lashes.

I love both of these!! I love how nicely they work together. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wet N Wild Fall 2013 "Be a Runway Beauty" Coloricon Trios

Hello all my beautiful readers!!

Yet again Wet N Wild has come out with some new Coloricon Trios. I again did not have hope in finding them. My Walgreen's did not have them so I was like whatever. I had to go out of town and the first thing I did was go to Walgreen's to scope the makeup out. I did my rounds and there was the display. I was so happy!! The display has three new trios.

So the first palette I got was the Silent Era Film palette. I love every single color in this little trio. The eyelid color is a lovely steel, grey. It has a beautiful silver shimmer that is perfect for a smokey eye this fall. The creamy pink is so pretty and I love that it is matte because it blends out easier. This crease color is a sublime transition color from the grey. I cant stand it but this browbone color is incredible. I love it is a shimmery champagne that is perfect for the inner corner or on the brow bone.

The second delightful palette is Grays Matter. This eyelid color is super amazing. I love the deep matte purple. It is screaming fall. The crease color is a full on shimmery purple and I love it. This color blended into the crease and then the darker purple on the lid is dramatic and intense. Now the browbone is a dynamic pigmented silver and amazing.

And the last palette is Camera Obscura and this one is my favorite. The dark blue-black eyelid color is marvelous. It looks really glittery in the palette but when you put it on its very subtle. By far the crease color is my favorite. It has like a satin finish and its buttery smooth and glides on with ease. The browbone color is a perfect every day light brown and best of all its matte. I love this palette to pieces. 

Well I love them all and I am happy to add them to my Wet N Wild collection. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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