Monday, September 9, 2013

Garnier Skin Renew Paper Mask Review

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As I said before paper mask are starting to appear more and more in the States. A lot of companies are coming out with their own version. We still don't have many like they do in Asia but we have a few. I picked one up the other day by Garnier.

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The mask claims to:
  • Deeply hydrate 
  • Boost radiance 
  • Smooth and revitalize  
Its also suppose to help with dark spots, dullness, and uneven skin with the aid of vitamin C. 

The mask was saturated and I didn't want to put it on that wet so I rung it out a bit. It didn't stay on very well after I rung out some of the serum. I laid down and waited 10 minutes like it says. It felt really nice and refreshing on the face. After I took it off I didn't see much of a difference just a little bit more hydration to my face. It says to message the remaining product into face. Since I rung it out their was no product to rub into face. My bad I didn't read all of the instructions. Oh well. It says to use 3X a week for maximum benefits. I only bought one and I don't think I will buy anymore. I wasn't to impressed with this. I really enjoyed the Freeman's paper mask better. 

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