Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream 8 in 1

Hi lovely readers!! I hope y'all are having a wonderful Saturday!!

I have been into BB creams lately so when I saw this I knew I had to try it. I ordered it from the UK because we don't have Bourjois here in the states. Well not that I know of. It did take a little while to get here but I'm ok with that. I have tried the Chocolate Bronzer and it is amazing. I have been wanting to try more of their products because I have a soft spot for the Chocolate Bronzer . With this I also ordered two other things and will be reviewing them in the next few days.

"BB Bronzing Cream gives a flawless complexion with a year around healthy glow!"

This stuff has 8 benefits:
1. Evens skin tone
2. Sheer tint
3. Boosts radiance
4. 16 hour moisturisation
5. Smooths skin
6. Prolongs tan
7. SPF 15
8. Refreshing sensation

It looks really dark when you first pump it out but when you blend it in really well it looks really pretty and gives you a slight glow. It is however a little sticky at first but goes away after a few seconds. The coverage is kind of light even after you apply more. The good thing is it doesn't feel heavy or cakey. What else I have been liking it for is putting a pump in my foundation that is a little light. It makes it perfect. But the best thing is it smells like chocolate!!!! I am absolutely infatuated with this stuff!! I hope y'all stay tuned for two more Bourjois products in the next few days.

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

L'oreal Color Riche La Laque Lipstick Review

Hi gals and guys!!

I have been looking for these for a few weeks now but every time I would go to the store they were out. I really thought I wasn't going to get my hands on any. This display had every color but I only bought one. The matte shades are nice but I was leaning more towards the La Laque shades.

The packaging kind of reminds me of the elf matte lip colors which I love. 

I got the color in Never Lacque-ing. I love this color!! Its a beautiful mauvey pink. I am big fan of an mauve lipstick so I had to get it. The product goes on a little sticky at first but then after a few seconds it feels really smooth on the lips. These are supposed to have a shiny lacquer finish. They aren't crazy shiny but they do have a nice sheen. The most thing I love about this lip pencil is the pigmentation. All you need is one swipe and its perfect. The wear on this is nothing really long lasting it last like any other lipstick.  
So I am sooo happy I got my hands on one. They are fantastic. 

Thank you for reading and until next time.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wet N Wild Coloricon "In the Spotlight" Eyeshadow Palettes

Hi everyone and good afternoon!!! Well its afternoon in my neck of the woods.

Anyway of course Wet N Wild has come out with new palettes. I think they are putting new ones out every month. It seems like my life is always completely engulfed with find that one palette that has just come out. Well I have been not really trying to look for them and now they find me. I went into my local HEB and there they where just wanting me to take them home.

"The spotlight is on you this season...shine bright!
I think the display is so pretty. Fergie's makeup looks amazing.

They came out with similar palettes this past March. The first ones didn't have names they just had numbers but these have names and rather cute names. Theses also have the same top glittery shades and the middle shimmery, frosty shades and the two bottom ones are matte. 

Top Row: Shimmer overcoats for browbone.
Middle Row: Pearl powders for eyelid.
Bottom Row: Matte definers for eye liner. 

All shadow are swatched over a primer. 

I really don't like the glittery shades in this one. I am in love with the darker shades. The dark brown is to die for.  

I really really don't like the shimmer shadows in this palette. The middle ones are ok but I love love love the matte navy blue. 

Holy Cow!!!! This one is by far my favorite of the three. Every single shadow is incredible. I can see this being my go to palette for fall and even well into winter.

Well I can't wait to see what Wet N Wild has in store for us next. All I know is its probably going to be awesome like all of their products.  

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Balm Sexy Mama

Hi everyone!! Happy Friday!!

I have really been into The Balm products lately. My favorite is the Bahama Mama Bronzer. I love it. SO I was looking up some off their products one day when I stumbled upon this anti-shine translucent powder. I am very oily in the face so this was a must buy.

The packaging is so so cute. I love the retro feel and sexy pinup. 

The packaging has a little mirror that's not really useful but its nice to have it.

When you look at the product in the the package it has a tiny bit of shimmer but when applied it doesn't show. The powder it self is finely milled and goes on super smooth. The powder is totally translucent and has no color. I can put this on in the morning and be matte all day. I do need a tiny touch up but not really reapplying. I love that this does not cake up on your face but gives you a flawless finish. I am extremely happy with this powder. The Balm is starting to be one of my favorite brands. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ipsy Bag: September 2013

Hello and good day!! I hope everyone is having a great Hump Day!!

Every month I am always awaiting my Ipsy bag. This month it felt like it came rather late anyway on with the goods.  

This months theme is Classic Beauty . I love the bag its beautiful.

I received 5 products 

What's in the bag:
  • J Cat Beauty Fantabulous Lipstick- I got the color Honycrisp and I must say I hate it. It makes me look dead. Its a nude, beige color and not flattering at all. It does smell good and it does go on easily but its ugly. When I was swatching the color it fell on the floor and smashed. O well I wasn't going to use it any way.
  • CAILYN Tinted Lip Balm- The color of the lip balm I received is Big Apple. This thing looks like a gel eyeliner pot. It has a little brush in the handle for easy application. I put it on and fell in love instantly with the color. Its a nice matte red. I don't think of this as a typical lip balm its more of a lipstick. Probably my favorite thing form this months bag. 
  • NYX Eye Shadow- They sent me the color in purple. The color is nice but I already had the color. I was cleaning out my makeup a few weeks ago and threw this away because its nothing really special. So this will be given away. 
  • Elizabeth Mott Its So Big Mascara- The brush on the the wand is amazing. I love the hourglass shape. It gets every lash. Best of all it doesn't clump. I like this stuff. 
  • Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner- The packaging looks really nice and sleek. I also like the the felt tip. You can draw any line and a precises wing with no effort. I really enjoyed this eyeliner. I have never used anything from Jesse's Girl now I'm curious about their stuff.  
Well I'm already ready for next months bag. I only really enjoyed a few things from this so I give this a 2 out of 5.

Thank you all for reading and until next time!! 

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Garnier Skin Renew Paper Mask Review

Hello Gals and Guys!!

As I said before paper mask are starting to appear more and more in the States. A lot of companies are coming out with their own version. We still don't have many like they do in Asia but we have a few. I picked one up the other day by Garnier.

Crazy Picture

The mask claims to:
  • Deeply hydrate 
  • Boost radiance 
  • Smooth and revitalize  
Its also suppose to help with dark spots, dullness, and uneven skin with the aid of vitamin C. 

The mask was saturated and I didn't want to put it on that wet so I rung it out a bit. It didn't stay on very well after I rung out some of the serum. I laid down and waited 10 minutes like it says. It felt really nice and refreshing on the face. After I took it off I didn't see much of a difference just a little bit more hydration to my face. It says to message the remaining product into face. Since I rung it out their was no product to rub into face. My bad I didn't read all of the instructions. Oh well. It says to use 3X a week for maximum benefits. I only bought one and I don't think I will buy anymore. I wasn't to impressed with this. I really enjoyed the Freeman's paper mask better. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Revlon The Evening Opulence Collection by Gucci Westman Nail Polish In elusive For Fall

Hello everyone!!

Today I have the last polish for my fall nail polish review. I chose a nail polish from Revlon's new Evening Opulence Collection by Gucci Westmen. They came out with 4 stunning shades. I only chose one of them.

736 Elusive

When you look at it in the bottle it looks magical. I bought this with out a second thought its dazzling. Then I swatched it. 

It dries to kind of a matte finish. What the heck. I just looks bad. The formula was a tad watery and I did shake it up. It also went on patchy and I hated it. Then I put on a top coat. 

Oh my everything is ok in the world again. It is such a pretty black with glitter chunks in every size. I can see this being a statement polish for this fall. I am so happy with it. I always love a good glitter polish. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sinful Colors Leather Luxe Nail Polish In Leather Loose For Fall

Hello everyone!!

I was not able to post on Thursday and Friday (due to some pressing matters) the last two polishes I had planned on doing last week. So today and tomorrow I will have the last two.

The first is over the Sinful Colors nail polish in Leather Loose. This polish is from the new line Leather Luxe. I saw at Walgreen's and I only bought one.

I'm not really crazy about the matte nail polish look. It just looks flat to me but this one is amazing. The dark brown with shimmer is do die for. The shimmer in it gives it some depth. The formula is nice and dries very quickly. I am so in love with this I want to go buy more colors if my Walgreen's has any left. I want to wear this all this fall.

I put a top coat on top just to see what it would look like. I think I love it even more. This is definitely a perfect polish for fall!!! 

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Salon Perfect Nail Polish In Playful Plum For Fall

Hi Everyone and Happy Hump Day!!

So to continue with my fall nail polish review I am bring y'all a beautiful color by Salon Perfect. 

I saw this display at Wal-Mart and fell in love with all the dark colors. 

 The color I loved the most was Playful Plum. This color screams fall to me. 

 The color is stunning. Its a deep burgundy, plum with blue shimmer. I love the formula its perfect. You only need two coats to get it a nice opaque color. The only thing I hate is the brush its tiny but I can live with that. This is so my new favorite nail polish. Its amazing. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rimmel Metal Rush Nail Polish In Pearly Queen For Fall

Howdy Y'all!!

For today I have the Rimmel Metal Rush nail polish in Pearly Queen. One thing I have noticed there is a metallic nail polish trend for this fall. Most new fall polishes are metallic or have some sheen to it.
I was at my local HEB last week and I saw the Rimmel display with 4 beautiful colors and this one really caught my eye.

This polish looks a lot darker in the bottle but comes out looking really sheer and light. I think this will look really pretty over a darker polish. I like it its pretty and I like the duo tone purple and green. I am a sucker for anything duo chrome. I love the brush and the tiny bottle.

Thank you for reading and until next time!!!

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Essence Nail Polish In Chic Reloaded For Fall

Hello All and Happy Monday!!

It is now September and fall is fast approaching. That means dark colors and cold weather. I love fall and I love wearing dark colors for makeup and nail polish. All the makeup company's are coming out with their new fall products. I went to the store a few days ago and I saw all the new nail polishes and I got really excited. This week I am going to do a full week on fall nail polish.

I have been lusting after Essie's new fall polish in the color For The Twill Of It but I can't see my self paying $8.00 for one polish. I was walking around Ulta and I went to the Essence display and spotted a color very similar.

Of course being the thrifty shopper that I am I had to buy the Essence polish in the color Chic Reloaded. 

The color is a beautiful duo-chrome. Its green in one light and purple in another. It also has silver shimmer throughout. I am in love with this. The polish it self goes on easily without any streaking. The formula dries really quickly and lasts a long time. This will be a perfect color for the fall. I can't wait to be rocking this in the coming months.

Thank you and until next time!

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