Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wet N Wild Tough Girl Beauty Army Eyeshadow Trios Review

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So Wet N Wild came out with more new palettes. Its like every month I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for new palettes. This time I wasn't looking for them they really didn't call my attention. I went on vacation last week and stopped at a Walgreen's because I needed some stuff and I just kind of walk into them. Oh my goodness I had to buy them they are so pretty. My husband was like really we are on vacation and your having a heart attack about makeup but  he is a champ and he understands about me and my obsession. They came out with 6 total palettes and I got 4. Some come with mascaras and some are just the palettes. It just depends on where you get them. The 4 I got from Walgreen's didn't have the mascara. I then came home from my vacation and went to HEB they had the ones with the mascara and I got 1.
Swatched all colors over a primer.

  Enlisting For Beauty 
Oh my this palette is so amazing. The browns are perfect. I love all three colors. The light skin tone brown is so buttery smooth and has a tiny bit of shimmer. The dark chocolate brown is deep and gorgeous and has more of a satin finish. The bottom taupe color is full on shimmer. 

Zero Dark Flirty 
I love purple shadows so I had to get this palette. The lavender color is kind of chalky and blah. The middle color is a dark rich purple and really pigmented with some sparkle and I like it a lot. The last color is a beautiful violet purple that is a little chalky but does have a nice color payoff. 

Soldiers in Charms 
When I think of Army colors these are what I have in mind. They just scream camouflage. The first color is a light green with a satin finish and ok pigmentation. The middle is a dark green with gold fleck and it is dazzling. My favorite has to be the olive green color. Its intense and very pigmented. 

Spoiled Army Brat 
The top color is a classy mauve color with lots shimmer. The middle cranberry color is vibrant and lovely. The bottom color is a light champagne pink with lots of sparkle but not enough pigmentation.

    I Don't Do Camouflage
The top color is a light icy blue with lots of sparkle and shine. The middle color looks like a black with blue glitter in it. The last color is a denim type blue with a splendid glittery sheen. 

I love all the palettes they are amazing and beautiful. I think with all the dark colors used these will be perfect for a smoky eye this fall. I am very happy I bought them. Wet N Wild you got me again!

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