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Jordana Best Length Extreme Mascara and Best Volume Extreme Mascara

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So I am continuing with my reviews on the new Jordana products. Today I will be sharing with y'all the new Jordana mascaras. One of my favorite mascaras in the world is the Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara. I love it over anything else I have ever tried. Its perfect! Loving that mascara so much made me have to try these out. I had to see if they are as good as my beloved mascara.

Best Length Extreme Lengthening Mascara 
303 Black 

Website says: 
  • Long tapered molded brush lengthens, separates and curls
  • Dramatically lengthens and defines lashes 
  • Extends and precisely separates the tiniest, shortest, hard to reach lashes   
  • No clumping and no smearing 
  • Made in the USA 

As we all know I am not found of rubber mascara brushes. I loath them! I had a very bad experiences with one. So I was not to happy when I opened this up and saw a huge scary looking rubber brush. Way larger then my loved Best Extreme Mascara. Any how I tried it being very careful not to hurt my self. 

No Mascara
With Mascara

When I put it on I noticed that the formula was very wet. It applied somewhat easy and it did give me some length. However it still clumped up on the tips. I did apply to the lower lashes but since it is a wet formula, the lower and top lashes kind of stuck together. Another thing it never fully dried it was still semi wet. It was kind of crazy. I touched my lashes and it smudged and flaked everywhere. When it was time to take it off it came off easily with no real hassle. 

 Best Volume Extreme Volumizing Mascara
302 Black

Website says:
  • Mega Brush, Spectacular in Length with Tight Bristles Provides Amazing Volume
  • Volumizing Formula and Mega Brush Create False Lash Effect 
  • Long Lasting Wear
  • Smear-Proof, Non Clumping 
  • Paraben-Free
  • Made in Italy   
This brush is HUGE! Way bigger then the Best Lash Extreme Mascara, which I prefer. The formula is on the drier side but that's better then being too wet. My favorite mascara the Best Lash Extreme Mascara is not to wet nor to dry. Its perfect, like I've already mentioned. But I still went ahead and tried it out.

No Mascara
With Mascara

This mascara goes on super easy. I really do like the large brush, it gives nice big volume. The one thing I don't like is the brush is kind of large for the lower lashes. But its ok because I like the Best Lash Extreme Mascara better for the lower lashes. I like that it lasted all day without a problem. No clumps no flakes. It also washed off very easily. No scrubbing necessary. I really like this mascara its pretty amazing. 

Well all in all the mascaras are a hit with me. I like the Best Lash Extreme Mascara better but its ok. I did find that if I use the pink tube first then put the green tube on top of it, It make for the prettiest, thickest and longest lashes. So yes I would recommend these to anyone. They are great and for only $2.99 they are easy on the wallet. 

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