Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Eye Shadow Trios Review

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I get totally obsessed when Wet n Wild release Limited Edition palettes. I go completely crazy and I feel sorry for my poor husband. I make him go to every store with me that I think may sell them in my town and the town 25 mins away.
I went one morning to Walgreen's not even thinking about these when all of a sudden I walk right into them. I about had a heart attack. Of course they only had two and I had to go to another Walgreen's and they had the rest. I didn't even think they were out yet but I got them and that's all that matters.
The Pop Art Craze collection has 6 palettes that are mainly matte. Some do however contain a little shimmer and a satin finish.
Swatched all colors with a primer.

Your 15 Minutes are up!

This palette has a  yellow that is a bit chalky but it is matte. The purple and the dark pink are more pigmented and have a slight sheen to them. I like this trio its cute. You can never go wrong with purple and pink.

A Regular at the Factory
This trio also has a yellow but it is a bit softer. The blue is so intense it stained my arm. The orange is a beautiful true orange. If you look at the palette closely you will see all 3 contain shimmer.

 Hard Being the It Girl
The light pink is a really nice subtle shade and it is matte. The deep blue also stained my skin when trying to remove and does have a little shimmer. The nudeish vanilla is matte and perfect. 

 Three's A Party
The palette has a true white and it is matte. The red is super red and has some sparkle to it. The black is an incredible matte black. You can never have to many black shadows. 

 I'm Seeing Triplets 
You would think that this would be my favorite of the 6 because my favorite color is green. I like it but it reminds me of the Hulk. Anyway the green is nice and matte but on the chalky side. Again we have a blue this blue is more of a true blue and it is also matte. I love this deep plumish purple its gorgeous. It has a tiny sheen to it. 

 To Muse and Carouse 
This has to be my favorite of all of them. I love it! It has a light peach that is matte. The color I love most is this brown. Its a beautiful chocolate brown with a slight satin finish. Yet another blue. This is a light sky blue and it is matte and so pretty. 

My final thought on these are that they are fantastic. You can get so many different looks. I love the white palettes, I love the names, I love everything. The only thing is they have a ton of blue shades. Other then that they are wonderful and for $2.99 they are a steal.

Thank you so much for reading and until next time.

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