Sunday, July 14, 2013

Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo- Fiber Brush Collection

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I have a strange addiction to makeup brushes. Every time I go anywhere I always come home with a makeup brush. To say I have a small obsession is an under statement. One of the brands I have always been fond of is Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo. When I saw these where launching a limited edition brush set I was extremely excited. The collection consists of 3 duo-fiber brushes. All three have ultra plush synthetic taklon bristles that are hand cut and 100% cruelty free and so so soft. They are also suppose to give you high definition results. These brushes are like nothing I have ever seen. I love the color of the brushes. The white is very becoming.

 Duo-Fiber Face Brush 

The face brush is the largest of the 3. This brush is a very nice size. Not too big but just big enough. It is however a little on the flat side. What I did not like is when I put this in a powder product it made a ton of fallout. What the heck! @#$%^ Then I tried it with my face powder and it streaked all of my powder on my face. I don't know I kind of was very put off by this brush. I gave it a second chance and I did like the way this applied my blush. It still had the fallout but it applied it evenly. 

 Duo-Fiber Contour Brush 

This brush is a little bit more dense then the face brush which I like. This is the perfect size to fit in the hallows of your cheeks. It does what it says. I can contour the stuff out of my face. Still it does make more fallout in my products then my other brushes but its ok its that nice. It deposits the perfect amount of product. I am so in love with this brush. I even like it to highlight the tops of my cheeks. This one is also a little flat but that makes me love it even more. 

Duo-Fiber Eye Brush  
Now for the eye brush. Well I wanted so much for this to be my new favorite blending brush. But it was not. It is very scratchy on the eye. I tried to be light handed with the blending in my crease but alas all my hopes fell through with this one. I don't even know what I am going to do with it. Not the best thing by Real Techniques. 

Overall I give this a 6 out of 10 I just really like the contour brush out of the 3. The other 2 are ok but they are not the first brushes I gravitate towards when I'm doing my make up.

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