Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Physicians Formula Super BB All-In-1 Beauty Balm Powder

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I could not sleep so I got up super early and I thought I would catch up on some major blog writing today. I have so many products I want to try out and talk about. 

I have been holding out on this product for quite some time now. I didn't want to try this because the color range was kind of slim. They have light/medium and medium/deep. I don't think that that is enough range to really match everyone. The other thing is this thing has like a million and one claims or "Beauty Benefits" and I'm sure that one little powder doesn't do all of them. Of course the main reason I stayed away from this is the price $12 to $13 bucks for drugstore powder is a little crazy to me. So of course my beloved HEB, my favorite place to buy my makeup, was having a 40% off sale on Physicians Formula and I could not put it off any longer. 

 I got the medium/deep shade. 

 I love the packaging!! Its cute!! 
I don't ever use the brush that comes with compacts or products.

Beauty Benefits: 
1. Smoothing
2. Perfecting
3. Protecting 
4. Oil-Control 
5. Pore Minimizing 
6. Airbrushing 
7. Line Smoothing
8. Concealing
9. Setting   
10. Long-Wearing 

When you first look at the powder it does have a bit of a shimmer. The powder does feel thick and creamy and smooth when swatched. The color is amazingly perfect for my face which was a surprise. 

I first applied this over a thick stick foundation and wanted to throw it away immediately. It made every pore, every line, every everything more visible. Not to mention it was thick and gross feeling on my face. I know it was not the foundation because I use it a lot and it never made my face feel like that. The wear was horrible I was shinny within 30 minutes. As the day went on my pores looked even larger and it felt like putty on my face. 

First Time use. 
Thumbs Down!

I didn't want to be so quick to judge so I tried it again this time over my Missha M Perfect BB cream and I loved it. I lightly tapped the powder on my face with a large powder brush and it left a beautiful flawless finish. The shimmer wasn't even visible. Its matte but not to matte. So I tried it again with my L'oreal BB cream that I also love and the same thing perfection. It lasted all day and night with minimal shine. Even my pores looked smaller.
It did all the "Beauty Benefits" it claimed. I also loved that this thing has a SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen which is great for summer.
I was shocked could it be? Could this really be up to all the hype? Yes it could!
I hope everyone tries it and tells me what they think!

Used with BB cream.
So much better!

Thank you all for reading and until next time!

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