Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kiss Ever Ez Lashes Strip Lash Adhesive Review

Hi lovelies!! 

I have been using DUO lash adhesive for years and have always had the best of luck with it. Again I was walking around at my local Walgreens and spotted this with the lashes. I love the Kiss lashes so I thought I would  try and see how this would hold up. 

First off I love the bottle. Its so cute and tiny! The thing that really sold me though was the applicator. It makes it way easier to apply the glue on the lash band without making a mess. When I would apply my DUO I would get it all over the lashes, my hands and the tweezers I apply them with. YUCK! This is way more stickier then DUO and also dries clear quicker. 
The bottle says that it is odor free, latex free, waterproof and lasts 24 hours.
Well its not odor free. It smells really strong like glue. At first I didn't want to try it because the smell was so bad but I used it anyway. The smell is something I have to get use to. As for it being waterproof I do wear contacts and my eyes water like crazy. The lashes stayed on even after me wiping my eyes. This also didn't irritate my very sensitive eyes. Lastly about the 24 hour wear. I usually don't wear false lashes for that amount of time but it has a strong hold so I do see that being possible.
When it came time to remove the lashes they came off surprisingly easy without ripping out my own lashes.
 In short this is what I have been using lately when applying my false lashes. This stuff is awesome. I hope everyone tries this wonderful product. Leave me comments if you have tried or want to try. 

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