Thursday, July 25, 2013

Essence Trend Edition: Floral Grunge

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Today I have some products from Essence. Of course I was walking around my local HEB when I saw the display on an end cap.
I looked it up on the web and in Europe it was released in April/May 2013 and here in the US it was released July 2013. I was wondering because it looks like total spring colors.

I looked through everything and I only got like two things from the whole display.  

There was two eyeshadow palettes. One was more grunge type darker colors and one was more on the floral girly side or that's what the idea Essence had with this line. Anyway I got the floral palette.

01 Eye Like Flowers

I love these colors! All the shadows feel smooth and creamy. They are so pretty and soft and girly. The mint green is such a pretty soft matte color. Its kind of light and lightly pigmented. I wanted it to be more intense but I will use a base. The light pink is really really light with tiny speckles of glitter. I don't like this color it was so light. The dark coral color is just lovely. It is hell of pigmented for a little palette. It looks like it has a little shimmer but when swatched it looks matte. This white is so perfect. It has shimmer and it looks a little frosty and I love it. For $3.99 its a great little palette. 

 01 Be Flowerful

The other thing I got was the blush. I don't know where to start with this blush it is incredible. This is a total Barbie, bubble gum hot pink. It is insanely pigmented!! All you need is a tiny bit. It is full of sparkle in the compact but when you put it on you cant tell to bad. You don't have chunks of shimmer on your face. This cost I think $3.99 what a bargain.    

I know I used this pic before but I used this palette and blush. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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