Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jordan Forever Flawless Pressed Powder

Hello Everyone and Good Morning!!!

My favorite face powder in the world is less then 4 bucks so I don't ever judge a book by its cover when products are inexpensive. I like to give everything a fair chance even when its a bargain. I was checking out the Jordana display when I saw this and it was only $2.99. I already love love love their mascara so I thought why not try this.

 106 Light Honey 

I love this packaging. The mirror is nice and big and the little puff is so cute. It also feels nice and sturdy and not cheap what so ever. The product it self feels creamy and smooth. When I apply this my face it looks pretty flawless. The lasting power is pretty good not all day but for the price its ok. I just put it in my bag and touch up when I need to. The color is perfect for me and when I say perfect I mean perfect.

Swatch on arm my face is a tad darker.

I am very happy with this purchase and I will certanly be try more Jordana's products. 

Thank you all for reading and until next time!!!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Essence Trend Edition: Floral Grunge

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Today I have some products from Essence. Of course I was walking around my local HEB when I saw the display on an end cap.
I looked it up on the web and in Europe it was released in April/May 2013 and here in the US it was released July 2013. I was wondering because it looks like total spring colors.

I looked through everything and I only got like two things from the whole display.  

There was two eyeshadow palettes. One was more grunge type darker colors and one was more on the floral girly side or that's what the idea Essence had with this line. Anyway I got the floral palette.

01 Eye Like Flowers

I love these colors! All the shadows feel smooth and creamy. They are so pretty and soft and girly. The mint green is such a pretty soft matte color. Its kind of light and lightly pigmented. I wanted it to be more intense but I will use a base. The light pink is really really light with tiny speckles of glitter. I don't like this color it was so light. The dark coral color is just lovely. It is hell of pigmented for a little palette. It looks like it has a little shimmer but when swatched it looks matte. This white is so perfect. It has shimmer and it looks a little frosty and I love it. For $3.99 its a great little palette. 

 01 Be Flowerful

The other thing I got was the blush. I don't know where to start with this blush it is incredible. This is a total Barbie, bubble gum hot pink. It is insanely pigmented!! All you need is a tiny bit. It is full of sparkle in the compact but when you put it on you cant tell to bad. You don't have chunks of shimmer on your face. This cost I think $3.99 what a bargain.    

I know I used this pic before but I used this palette and blush. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Physicians Formula Super BB All-In-1 Beauty Balm Powder

Good Day Everyone!!!

I could not sleep so I got up super early and I thought I would catch up on some major blog writing today. I have so many products I want to try out and talk about. 

I have been holding out on this product for quite some time now. I didn't want to try this because the color range was kind of slim. They have light/medium and medium/deep. I don't think that that is enough range to really match everyone. The other thing is this thing has like a million and one claims or "Beauty Benefits" and I'm sure that one little powder doesn't do all of them. Of course the main reason I stayed away from this is the price $12 to $13 bucks for drugstore powder is a little crazy to me. So of course my beloved HEB, my favorite place to buy my makeup, was having a 40% off sale on Physicians Formula and I could not put it off any longer. 

 I got the medium/deep shade. 

 I love the packaging!! Its cute!! 
I don't ever use the brush that comes with compacts or products.

Beauty Benefits: 
1. Smoothing
2. Perfecting
3. Protecting 
4. Oil-Control 
5. Pore Minimizing 
6. Airbrushing 
7. Line Smoothing
8. Concealing
9. Setting   
10. Long-Wearing 

When you first look at the powder it does have a bit of a shimmer. The powder does feel thick and creamy and smooth when swatched. The color is amazingly perfect for my face which was a surprise. 

I first applied this over a thick stick foundation and wanted to throw it away immediately. It made every pore, every line, every everything more visible. Not to mention it was thick and gross feeling on my face. I know it was not the foundation because I use it a lot and it never made my face feel like that. The wear was horrible I was shinny within 30 minutes. As the day went on my pores looked even larger and it felt like putty on my face. 

First Time use. 
Thumbs Down!

I didn't want to be so quick to judge so I tried it again this time over my Missha M Perfect BB cream and I loved it. I lightly tapped the powder on my face with a large powder brush and it left a beautiful flawless finish. The shimmer wasn't even visible. Its matte but not to matte. So I tried it again with my L'oreal BB cream that I also love and the same thing perfection. It lasted all day and night with minimal shine. Even my pores looked smaller.
It did all the "Beauty Benefits" it claimed. I also loved that this thing has a SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen which is great for summer.
I was shocked could it be? Could this really be up to all the hype? Yes it could!
I hope everyone tries it and tells me what they think!

Used with BB cream.
So much better!

Thank you all for reading and until next time!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Eye Shadow Trios Review

Hello and Good Afternoon!!

I get totally obsessed when Wet n Wild release Limited Edition palettes. I go completely crazy and I feel sorry for my poor husband. I make him go to every store with me that I think may sell them in my town and the town 25 mins away.
I went one morning to Walgreen's not even thinking about these when all of a sudden I walk right into them. I about had a heart attack. Of course they only had two and I had to go to another Walgreen's and they had the rest. I didn't even think they were out yet but I got them and that's all that matters.
The Pop Art Craze collection has 6 palettes that are mainly matte. Some do however contain a little shimmer and a satin finish.
Swatched all colors with a primer.

Your 15 Minutes are up!

This palette has a  yellow that is a bit chalky but it is matte. The purple and the dark pink are more pigmented and have a slight sheen to them. I like this trio its cute. You can never go wrong with purple and pink.

A Regular at the Factory
This trio also has a yellow but it is a bit softer. The blue is so intense it stained my arm. The orange is a beautiful true orange. If you look at the palette closely you will see all 3 contain shimmer.

 Hard Being the It Girl
The light pink is a really nice subtle shade and it is matte. The deep blue also stained my skin when trying to remove and does have a little shimmer. The nudeish vanilla is matte and perfect. 

 Three's A Party
The palette has a true white and it is matte. The red is super red and has some sparkle to it. The black is an incredible matte black. You can never have to many black shadows. 

 I'm Seeing Triplets 
You would think that this would be my favorite of the 6 because my favorite color is green. I like it but it reminds me of the Hulk. Anyway the green is nice and matte but on the chalky side. Again we have a blue this blue is more of a true blue and it is also matte. I love this deep plumish purple its gorgeous. It has a tiny sheen to it. 

 To Muse and Carouse 
This has to be my favorite of all of them. I love it! It has a light peach that is matte. The color I love most is this brown. Its a beautiful chocolate brown with a slight satin finish. Yet another blue. This is a light sky blue and it is matte and so pretty. 

My final thought on these are that they are fantastic. You can get so many different looks. I love the white palettes, I love the names, I love everything. The only thing is they have a ton of blue shades. Other then that they are wonderful and for $2.99 they are a steal.

Thank you so much for reading and until next time.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Ioni Cosmetics

Hello beautiful readers!!!

The other day I was walking around the cosmetics section of my local HEB. I was looking at the end caps and I found a big display of Ioni Cosmetics. I have never heard of the brand but I did pick out a few things to try. I did however notice that they are distributed by the same people that distribute LA splash. Interesting that made me want to try it even more.

Miss Bliss

The first product I purchased was this beautiful blush. I am so in love with this blush. Its perfect in every way. Even the packaging is nice. Its a simple black compact. The pigmentation is incredible. All you need is a tiny bit and it blends evenly and gives you the nicest flush to the cheek. I am really happy I got this. Must try more. 



Like I have said before I am always on the look out for the next big eyeshadow primer. I saw this and knew I must take it home. This claims to be an 8hr wear primer and it does hold up rather well. The weird thing with this is that its extremely sticky. Like adhesive sticky. I put it on then let it dry and then put shadow on after it dries completely. Since it was so sticky I put some on the top of my hand and then put some glitter on top while not all the way dry but slightly still sticky. The glitter did not come off. I had to get makeup remover after it. So I don't like it for primer because it feels crazy but I think I will use it as a glitter adhesive.

All in all I was impressed this this brand I had never heard of and plan to buy more products to try.

Thank you all for reading and until next time!!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Ipsy Bag: July 2013

Hi guys and gals!!! TGIF!!!

Its that time of the month again. Ipsy Time! I got my bag a couple of days ago and I've had a chance to really try out every single product. This months theme is Beach Beauty. I think its a perfect theme for July. The bag is so cute even though I hate pink.

I received 5 products.

What's in the bag:
  • Healthy Sexy Hair Beach Spray- This is a spray that you put on damp hair to get beach waves. I like that it has argan oil for conditioning and I also like the smell. I don't like what it did for my hair. It left it a frizzy dry mess. I wont be using this again. 
  • COOLA Mineral Sunscreen- I am really oily so I was not happy with the words " Tinted Moisturizer". I would have liked none tinted. I used it anyway. It did have nice coverage but after awhile my face was really shiny. I do like that it is cruelty free and organic but I don't know if I will use again. 
  • POP Beauty Crayon- I love jumbo lip twist up pencils. The color I got was Coral Crush. This is awesome. I love the color and texture and everything about this. I will use this all summer. 
  • Nailtini Nail Polish- I really really really did not want another nail polish I have tons and this color looks like several I already have. I tried it and its ok not anything special. Color I received it in is Mai Tai. 
  • BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio- I have never tried BH cosmetics so this was great to try. I love all three colors. They glide on nicely and blend well together. I want to try the large palettes . This was my favorite thing out of this months bag.
This bag was ok not one of my favorites but I still love Ipsy always and forever. 

Thank y'all so much for reading and until next time!!
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kiss Ever Ez Lashes Strip Lash Adhesive Review

Hi lovelies!! 

I have been using DUO lash adhesive for years and have always had the best of luck with it. Again I was walking around at my local Walgreens and spotted this with the lashes. I love the Kiss lashes so I thought I would  try and see how this would hold up. 

First off I love the bottle. Its so cute and tiny! The thing that really sold me though was the applicator. It makes it way easier to apply the glue on the lash band without making a mess. When I would apply my DUO I would get it all over the lashes, my hands and the tweezers I apply them with. YUCK! This is way more stickier then DUO and also dries clear quicker. 
The bottle says that it is odor free, latex free, waterproof and lasts 24 hours.
Well its not odor free. It smells really strong like glue. At first I didn't want to try it because the smell was so bad but I used it anyway. The smell is something I have to get use to. As for it being waterproof I do wear contacts and my eyes water like crazy. The lashes stayed on even after me wiping my eyes. This also didn't irritate my very sensitive eyes. Lastly about the 24 hour wear. I usually don't wear false lashes for that amount of time but it has a strong hold so I do see that being possible.
When it came time to remove the lashes they came off surprisingly easy without ripping out my own lashes.
 In short this is what I have been using lately when applying my false lashes. This stuff is awesome. I hope everyone tries this wonderful product. Leave me comments if you have tried or want to try. 

Thank you for reading and until next time!

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Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer Review

Hello and Happy Hump Day!!

I am always on the look out for a good eye shadow primer. I have tried tons from highend to drugstore. Some have been amazing some have been a total waste of money. I was walking around my local Walgreens and saw this for around $4.99 and knew I had to try this.

 I love the doe-foot applicator. It makes it easy to apply.

This claims to prevent creasing and to intensify shadow color. Its also suppose to be smudge proof and last up to 7 hours. When I applied it to the lid it felt a little rough and gritty. When rubbed in it leaves a slight sheen which is noticeable. There is no smell which I like. I am not fond of products with an over whelming odor. This did last me around 4 + hours with minimal creasing. It was ok not really great. The colors were not really brightly intensified or anything special and it creased. I give it a 4 out of 10. I know this will not be something I will be gravitating towards when applying my eyeshadow. I am glad I did not spend a lot on this. 

Thank y'all so much for reading and until next time!!

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