Friday, May 31, 2013

Milani Shadow Eyez in Almond Cream

Howdy y'all!!

I am not a big fan of chubby pencils they always tend to crease on me no matter what I do. Since this one said 12hr I was like it wont hurt to try.

10 Almond Cream 

The reason I picked this one was because it looks like the perfect eyeshadow base. Its a nice nude beige color great for everyday use. It reminds me a little of my MAC Painterly Paint Pot in stick form. I love my Paint Pot!! I just wish it was more convenient. Of course I love that it claims to last 12 hr which would be awesome. It also claims to be water-resistant and crease proof.

No Primer                Primer

I applied it on my eye and it felt so nice and creamy and blended very easily. I set it with a nude matte shadow. The other eye I put LORAC primer on first. Then I applied the pencil on top and blended it out. I then set with a nude matte shadow. I wore it for around 11hr. I was really surprised how it held up. The non primer creased pretty bad and it looks gross. I did not check it or mess with it all day. The primer side looks fantastic. It held up just fine. I can just imagine how it will do with colored shadows!! I am really am upset it creased without primer but I will just apply a primer first. No big deal. I must say that I do really like this. So I give it 2 thumbs up.

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