Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY Natural Beauty Wednesday

Howdy Y'all!!! Hope all is well!!

I love to paint my nails and try different colors. Sometimes though I want to let my nails breath. When I do go without polish I am left with gross yellow nails. I have been researching on easy ways to whiten your nails at home. Well I found a great solution for you. All the things you need are probably in your home right now. We all know how much I love to use baking soda so this was a must for me.

That right that's all you need. 

1. 2 tbs baking soda
2. 2 tbs peroxide 
3. 2 tbs hot water
4. Bowel 
5. tbs measure 

This is what it looks like mixed

You do want to buff nails lightly with a nail file before.
Then you soak for no less then 1 minute. I did around 5 minutes.
When done rinse well and I like to moisturize my hands. 

I am very delighted with the out come and I will continue to use this because it is amazing. 
I hope y'all enjoyed!! 
Thank You so much for reading and Until Next Time!!

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