Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Eyeshadow Medley

Hello and good day to all !!!!

For the past 2 months I have been running around like a crazy person looking for the Wet n Wild limited edition Spring Forward palettes. I mean I have searched in my town and the town next to me and other towns with no luck. I went into Walgreens to do my weekly rounds hoping to finally get my hands on them. I did not find them but I did find these. I was so happy to get them I was just a little mad I had still not found the Spring ones. Oh well I had to get these. They are so pretty and of course I love me some Wet n Wild shadows. The palettes don't have names they have a number which is no fun. They also each come with a liquid eyeliner and a applicator.



The packaging is a nice and simple black palette. On the back it shows how each color can be used.
TOP ROW: Shimmer Overcoats for Browbone
MIDDLE ROW: Pearl Powder for Eyelid
BOTTOM ROW: Matte Definers For Eye Line


I love that there is a rang of different finishes. That is awesome some people may not like all sparkle. The top shimmer row is very glittery and gets everywhere. Not really my favorite row but they are nice to add a little shine. The middle colors are beautiful. Nice and creamy feeling and have an over all great pigmentation.  A few in 34120 are just a tad light but not to bad. The bottom colors have to be my favorite. They are nice and matte and intensely pigmented but they are not powdery or chalky like some matte shadows. They feel so smooth and effortless. I was also very impressed with the color range and I know I can use them all.
All in all I am loving these. Amazing for the big price of $4.99!!!!!!! And of course you have to love that they are cruelty free!!!!

 I hope y'all enjoyed and Until Next Time!!!!

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