Thursday, March 14, 2013

You highlight, I highlight, We all highlight!!

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Today I am going to talk about highlighting the face and how it can take you complexion to new levels. Highlighters reflect light and make your complexion glow and even look younger. They attract attention to where they are applied. You want to do a kind of a "C" formation from temple to cheeckbone. So highlight you checkbones for that radiant look. The temples to give a little lift. You also want to put a little on the cupids bow of the lip for that extra pout. Even dust a bit down the bridge of the nose to slim it down. I like to add a little on the brow bone to lift it up and also the inner corner of eye to make the eye appear brighter. There are tons and tons of highlighters out there and it can be a task to find one perfect for you. You want more of a radiant glow not glittery. Well if your older you don't want glitter but I guess if your young you can chunk glitter all your face and call it a night. I am very oily and have large pores so I have to be careful not to over highlight with a product with large chunks of glitter in it because it will emphasis my pores and its not a good look believe me I know. You also want to pick one that is the same tone as your skin. Like I am tan so I want one a little bronzed toned. You don't necessarily have to use a product that is used as a highlighter you can use an eyeshadow or a loose pigment, a light blush or maybe a lipstick anything you want its your face. These are just a few of my favorites.

                                          Dark Shadows Palette
BUTT "Naked" Eyes Palette
These two are from NYX palettes and I love that companies are putting in a highlighter in a palette not just blush. I love these two a little glittery but nice texture.   

Wet n Wild 743A 
This is my favorite not to glittery just perfect.

Too Faced Pink Leopard 
Looks like a bronze but oh no its beautiful trust me. 

Mary-Lou Manizer The Balm
Um well it is nice but to me too chunky. I don't know we have are days. 

Benefit High beam
This stuff is so radiant. You can even mix with foundation to give you a dewy look. I don't know why I would want to look dewy I'm already an oil slick.

So I hope y'all go out and start highlighting your gorgeous faces and play around with all the different things you can use. 
Thank you so much and Until Next Time !

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