Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wet N Wild Megalast Nail Polish

Hello everyone!!

I love Wet n Wild Megalast nail polish more then life it self. One of the best nail polishes hands down. So of course I was very excited when I heard they came out with new colors. I about passed out with joy. I adore the ones I have and want every new color. The formula of the polish is one of my favorites. The polishes are a nice thick consistency. The brush they have is amazing. Very wide and can cover with a few strokes. The polish lasts on my fingers almost two weeks with a good top coat with hardly a chip. The drying time is lickety split which is so important to me because I'm always on the go. I hate when polish takes forever to dry. And of course who does not like the price under 2 bucks WOW!!!!

They came out with a bunch of new colors I mean A LOT but I just for some reason bought 5. I should have got more but oh well. These colors just jumped out at me. I can wear them for spring and right into summer. I have nothing like these in my collection, close but nothing this bright. The picture does not give them enough credit they are so bright and bold. I am so happy with these and I am definitely going to get more!!!

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  1. I LOVE Megalst polishes also. I have not seen them IRL but saw a post with all of them listed and most look VERY similar to the Spoiled line WnW makes. I hope there are new ones as I have almost the entire collection of Spoiled. I heard those are getting new colors too. WOOHOO!!
    Thanks for posting affordable polishes!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. They do look very similar to the spoiled line. I love those! I was not aware they are making new ones thank you so much for the info!!!!!!!