Saturday, March 16, 2013

To Blush, or not to Blush, that is the question!

Hi guys!! How are y'all today !!

So you guessed it right! Today is all about getting your blush on. Blush is a fantastic little product. It gives your cheeks a gorgeous rosy glow. It makes you look healthy and youthful and I think it may in my opinion even make you look more attractive. When you apply blush you want to put it on the apples of your cheeks bringing it all the way to the hairline and blend like crazy. You also want to remember the 2 finger rule. Which means you want to place 2 clean fingers on your face by the side of your nose and start to blush and leave the area where your fingers are free of blush. It maybe a little overwhelming if you start from your nose. (But you want to remember that it is your face and you can do and put whatever you want on it. There is no wrong there is no right. It all washes off at night. Do not let anyone tell you anything. Be yourself!! Do what makes you happy that's all that matters.) Anyway back to the subject you want to go a little light handed on the blush because it may make you look like a clown but remember do whatever makes YOU happy. Its only makeup people!! There is different kinds of blushes as well. Like cream, powder, mousse and more. Of course like I always say I am oily so I like powder blush. I like it matte with a little shimmer. I love blush so much I do go overboard but whatever. The more the merrier!
Theses are some of my favorites!!!
Rimmel London Lasting Finish 003 Pink Rose
I have this blush in several different colors but this is my favorite for sure. Its a bit shimmery but not to much I love it. So soft and angelic. 

NYX PB08 Cinnamon 
OMG!! Love this coral orange color. It is so nice you can have it sheer or build up the intensity. Looks great on my tan completion.  

Benefit Bella Bamba
Shimmery all the way!! It is pink and packed with a golden shimmer. But not a bad shimmer.

ELF Tickled Pink
So Cute and gives a nice pink flush!

ELF Pink Passion 
So pigmented you have to go easy with this one. It is so bright PINK. It reminds me of like a Barbie pink. But it is awesome!

Alright I hope y'all will be more adventures and try out some more of the brighter colors out there and always remember to have have fun its only makeup!!

Thank Y'all and Until Next Time!!

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