Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sleek Makeup i-Divine V1

Hi Y'all !!!  I wanted to do something bright today since it is such a nice sunny day.

I bought Sleek's i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Brights Palette a few weeks ago and was waiting for the perfect time to use it. I thought I would give it a go since it is so bright and cheerful. I have been lusting over this palette for quit some time. I finally said I must have it and ordered it from eBay.

The packaging is so nice and sleek. (lol) This palette would be great for travel or just throwing in your purse. The 12 colors are nice and matte and also pretty bold for the most part. The shadows are buttery smooth and blend like a dream.  

I  used a nice primer and a stickier base on top of that. I used Bammi in the inner corner of the eye and Strike in the outer corner and blended it in the crease. I smudged Dragon Fly on the lower lashe line with a nice tinny brush. For the blue I used a NYX liner in Extreme Blue not my favorite liner but its bright. I really liked the look and I can not wait to play with the other colors.

Thank you and Until Next Time

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