Monday, March 4, 2013

Nivea Lip Butter

One day I was in the dollar store getting a few things I needed when I saw these little gems at the cash register. I picked them up because I have a soft spot for Nivea's A Kiss of Mint & Minerals. It's the only thing that really works on my severe chapped lips. I have used other things like the eos egg looking thing and that dried my lips out even more. I also used the Baby Lips and it was ok but not like my Mint & Minerals. So loving that product so much made me buy the Raspberry Rose Kiss and the Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss. I forgot about them for a day or two and remembered I had purchased them when I almost scrubbed my lips off  my face trying to remove a lip stain. They saved my life!!

They glide on nice and smooth with little to no effort . There is no real color to them but they do leave a nice shine to the lip. The product also is so moisturizing that it leaves your lips nice and soft and a little plump which I love.

At the same time they smell so good and true to juicy raspberry's and sweet vanilla that you may try to eat them. The packaging is also quite nice and small and perfect for putting in your purse or travel. I never want to be with out this product. Such a life saver.
Thank you and until next time!!

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