Sunday, March 10, 2013

Milani Runway Eyes and Eyeshadow Primer Review

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 I have been eyeing some of the new Milani products that have been coming out. I finally got my hands on a few of them. I really like the other Runway palettes they have so I had to get one of the new ones. The news ones are called the Naturally Chic Nudes Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows. The one I chose was 19 Naturally Chic.

There are 6 different colors that come in one small convenient, stylish compact. The colors are kind of a nudish collection that work for everyday wear or they can be built up for a more dramatic look.They are baked so you can use them wet or dry. All the colors are so buttery smooth and just glide on. They are a bit tricky to use because of the arrangement they come in. They are skinny and long and compressed kind of close to one another but they pack a big punch if you work with them. The colors are so elegant and in style.

Next I got the Eyeshadow Primer. I am always on the hunt for a good primer. The primer claims that it intensifies and extends the wear of any shadow. It also says that it works over 8 hours and minimizes creasing. It is suppose to work on all skin tones. It comes in 01 Nude.

Oh my gosh I am loving this little tube. I usually apply primer and another base on top of it. I like to use a Paint Pot in Painterly by MAC as my other base. But I thought no I am really going to try this out and put it to the the test. I applied it alone without a base on top. Not one crease for 8 + hours. I used this under the Runways palette and it held up beautifully. I am in love. The tube is a good size and full of product, they don't skimp. I am in pure rapture that it is in a tube. It stays clean and you don't contaminate. You also get to all the product because the squeezy tube.  I am sure all skin tones can use this because it goes on and blends out with no color.
 I am so glad I got these two products. They are wonderful they exceeded my expectation far and above. 
Thank you and untill next time.

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