Monday, March 11, 2013

Max Makeup Cherimoya Elektra Doll Liquid Liner Review

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Today I have a phenomenal liquid liner review by Cherimoya. I am constantly on a never ending quest to find the perfect liquid liner. I have extremely sensitive eyes that water frequently. It will ruin my eye shadow and frustrates me beyond belief. Therefore I sometimes won't even wear liner just because I am afraid it will irritate. I love the look of liquid liner so I just endure the whole ordeal when I do wear it. I saw someone on Instagram post about this product and it peaked my curiosity. I looked it up and ordered from eBay . 

The liners come in 6 mind-blowing vivid colors. I ordered Blue Shimmer because well my boyfriend picked it out. I could not make up my mind so he just pointed and I said ok. I am so glad I did, it's stunning. So bright  and the pigmentation is phenomenal. It is so edgy and a far cry from your standard black liner. This does not burn or aggravate what so ever. It stays put and lasts a long time. The little brush is so easy to use and makes a precise line. The only thing is the smell. It's weird but not so bad as to discourage you from using it.  

This liner is perfect for summer or any time. I am defiantly going to look in to more eye liners and more Cherimoya.
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