Friday, March 15, 2013

Holy Bronzer Batman!

Hello!!! I hope everyone is having a glorious day!!

So I got to thinking since I posted about highlighter already it was only natural that I discuss some bronzing + contouring and blush too. Today though its all about the bronzing and contouring and tomorrow we can blush it up. I will also show y'all some of my favorite bronzers. I love bronzer it gives your face a healthy glow and can change the appearance of your face in just a few swipes.To choose a bronzer you want something just a few shades darker then your skin color and in the same tone. To start off you want to bronze where the sun would naturally hit your face to give you that bronzed goddess look. Its good to remember to make a number "3". Start at the temple and go under the cheekbones then under the jawline to make a sort of number "3". I like to put a little on my forehead also. This will give your skin a nice warmth. Since my face is so rotund I do like to contour a little much to also slim my face up. To contour and define your cheeks you want to suck in you cheeks and make a fishy face and place the bronzer in the hallows of your cheeks. This will give you a slimmer looking face and make your cheeks pop. You may want to also contour the sides of your nose a bit. I like to since my nose is wide. I tend to over do it with the bronzer which is bad because it makes it look muddy. You also want to blend really well. My favorite is powder bronzer but there is cream and gel forms also. You can even use foundation or concealer that is also a few shades darker then you skin. Even a face powder. Whatever you want the sky is the limit remember its your face. I like to also gravitate towards matte finishes because I am oily and have large pores and glitter will tend to emphasize my large pores.

               NYC Sunny!! This is my favorite so nice and matte and smooth!!

 Physicians Formula!! Multi-Colored Bronzer. I love that all the colors mix together to make a beautiful warmth on the face.                            

Wet N Wild Goddess!! Has a little sparkle but not bad its very fine

Bourjois Bronzing powder!! My love!! This powder is so bendable and soft and smooth. And smells wonderful!

I hope everyone falls in love with bronzer as much as I have! A little goes a long way and always have fun!

Thank You and Until next time!!!

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