Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY Natural Beauty Wednesday!!!!!

Hello and welcome to the first installment of DIY Natural Beauty Wednesday.
Over the past few months I have been taking better care of my self.  I've been watching what I put in my body as well as what I'm putting on it.  I will be sharing natural beauty tips and recipes for your face and body.

I thought I would start off with a yummy lip scrub. My lips are always chapped and I have used and done different things to try and keep them soft. I have rubbed them with a towel or toothbrush but it hurt. I have used some lip scrubs from different cosmetic companies but they kind of stung and burned. I found that if you combine a few ingredients that you may already have in you kitchen will help keep your lips smooth as silk. This is the only thing that works on my lips.
Yummy lip scrub!
1. Sugar. Any sugar!! White, Brown, Raw
2. Oil. Olive, Coconut which ever one you prefer.
3. Mix together to make kind of a paste.
4. Rub on lips. Scrub lightly until all the gross dead stuff is off.
5. Take off with warm water and a washcloth.
6. Put a bit of lip balm and enjoy your baby soft lips!!!!

I hope you try and enjoy. Until next time.

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