Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bourjois bronzing powder

          Hello Everyone!!
I have been looking for this Bourjois Bronzing powder for a very long time. I had seen someone using it on you tube and had to have it. I am Latina so I thought it would go great with my tan skin tone. I tried different web sites looking for it when I finealy found it on ebay.   

I have been using NYC Sunny which is a wonderful matte bronzer that is a good everyday powder. I just wanted something a bit darker to countor my face more. The Bourjois powder is so soft and bendable and has a heavenly smell. It is mostly matte but it has a bit of shimmer. It gives a nice warm glow to the face. The packaging says its filled with glints of sunshine.        
Without bronzer!!
                                                  With bronzer !!

I love it its so marvelous and so fancy with its smell and look of chocolate. Yummy! I will keep on using this little fantastic treasure and bronze and contour until my heart is content. I will be trying more Bourjois. 
Enjoy and until next time.

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